progressive waste and energy solutions

SGS Recovery, LLC provides sustainable waste solutions that include product destruction and zero-landfill options. Every year SGS and its affiliated companies recover over 80,000 tons of waste to be used as a beneficial use such as crumb rubber or engineered fuel. SGS also provides zero landfill solutions and secure destruction services to a number of Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies alike. We provide total waste solutions from transportation to reprocessing to beneficial reuse. IMG_0461.JPG



Tire Derived Fuel

We make a premium tire derived fuel. Our fuels have a three stage magnet process to¬†fullsizeoutput_1ef8ensure minimum metal.¬†Additionally, we utilize a shred technology, notably different from a shear technology, to expose the wire and remove it through magnetization. Additionally, our tires are 1″ and smaller or can be made smaller depending on the needs of our customers. Annually we produce over 30,000 tons per year of fuel.