SGS Recovery

SGS Recovery means responsible waste management.

Important Update: SGS now pays and gets paid through Verivend.

Your complete conservation and responsible recycling partner.

SGS Recovery leads the way for sustainable waste-handling and energy-producing solutions. Our experienced team of operators, handlers and transporters ensures your waste streams are responsibly managed—both for your organization and the environment.

Waste goes further with SGS Recovery.

Whether it’s tires, home appliances, or even nuclear waste, SGS specializes in its secured removal and destruction. SGS Recovery maintains the insurance coverages to haul away used tires, handle product recalls, even safely transport hazardous waste. We’re prepared to provide zero-landfill solutions to everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Over 60 Tractors

Our sister company Buffalo Fuel Corp. employs a team of drivers and owner-operators with equipment that’s less than five years old.

Over 100 Trailers

SGS is prepared to haul away and safely transport large loads with a fleet of storage containers.

Over 500,000 Tons of Custom Tire-Derived Fuels Generated

Our engineered fuels create cleaner, more efficient energy with a smaller carbon footprint.

Two NYSDEC Permitted Facilities

SGS ensures fossil fuel displacement in regulation compliance with the EPA, NYSDE and MOE.

Two Mobile Shredders

We save you time and money by employing our mobile shredders to destroy commodities on-site.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Committed to improved environmental, health and safety performance.

Proprietary Fuel Outperforms Competition 4:1

With higher BTUs, SGS fuel components include biomass, tire-derived fuel, plastics, fluff and other industrial residuals.

Zero Landfills

Put your waste to good reuse by using the zero-landfill waste management services of SGS Recovery.

Fueled responsibly.

As a zero landfill provider, SGS Recovery turns waste into sustainable tire-derived fuel. Through a three-stage shredding process, we create alternative fuels for cement kilns, custom to your businesses requirements.

The Responsible Removal & Recycle Program

As a complete zero-landfill waste stream solution, the SGS Responsible Removal & Recycle Program puts your mind at ease by responsibly removing and recycling over 80,000 tons of waste every year. From used tire pickups to the destruction of off-spec product recalls, SGS Recovery has the insurances, manpower, machinery and transportation to handle waste responsibly and sustainably.

Don’t waste another moment.

SGS Recovery has the industry knowledge, experience, machinery, manpower and transportation network to relieve the stress of removing waste responsibly. Trust SGS as your total waste management solution.