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Discover Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic microorganisms sustainably decompose organic waste products, turning trash into power sources with SGS Recovery.

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

In our efforts to practice a more sustainable alternative to sending waste materials straight to landfill, we instead gather these materials to create methane-rich biogas. The manufactured biogas is then reused as a substitute energy source to power industrial facilities as well as residential homes. From there, the leftover effluent transforms into nutrient-rich fertilizer, contributing to the use of more sustainable methods within the agricultural industry.

How Does It Work?

Environmental Benefits

Outside of its sustainable nature, there are countless other benefits the SGS Anaerobic Digestion service.

  • This process increases crop productivity and yield, as the waste is more accessible for plants to drink in necessary nutrients compared to raw manure.
  • Reduces pathogens, protecting both animal and human health.
  • Decreases the agricultural industry‚Äôs reliance on fossil fuel energy.
  • Collects food waste from restaurants and grocery stores, reducing useless buildup in landfills.

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