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Custom Sustainability Solutions

At SGS Recovery, we realize and understand that no two companies are the same. Taking your company’s unique needs, initiatives, and budget into account, SGS builds a customized sustainability platform utilizing our various waste management and recycling services. Whether it’s through Buffalo Fuel, Waste-to-Energy, Anaerobic Digestion, or even solidification for landfill, there’s an SGS program that achieves your sustainability objectives.

Buffalo Fuel

Put your waste to use through alternative fuels. Buffalo Fuel is engineered to replace the use of traditional fossil fuels for energy production, making it a true 100% landfill-avoidance option.

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Occasionally, material does not fit into an alternative fuel solution, requiring other solutions. SGS Waste-to-Energy ensures your material is safely destroyed and providing energy recovery.

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Product Destruction

To guarantee brand protection, SGS shreds and destroys consumer goods to ensure safe disposal and eliminate concern of off-spec or out-of-date goods returning to the marketplace.

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Waste Management

SGS processes non-hazardous wastes of all types including solids, liquids, powders, pharmaceuticals, and more, in a variety of container sizes like drums, totes, boxes, and bulk for landfill disposal.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is another way SGS recovers energy through a microorganism’s ability to break down organic matter such as food waste, FOG (fats, oils, and greases), and various liquid materials.

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Waste Transportation

Working closely with our partner company, Buffalo Fuel Corp., SGS provides certified Waste Transportation services all throughout the United States and Canada.

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