engineered fuel & alternative raw materials

SGS Recovery has supplied tailored engineered fuel for over 15 years to utilities, paper-mills and cement kilns. SGS and its management team have processed over 500,000 tons of fuel engineered derived that reduced emissions and costs from numerous waste or residual streams.

Our engineered fuel experience and quality are unparalleled. Engineered fuel customers include power plants, paper mills and cement kilns. Throughout our history we have many successful projects where we not only provided a fuel that significantly reduced emissions but also reduced fuel costs. In addition, we have supplied workforce and equipment to the users to offer a turnkey solution to use alternative fuels.

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality consistent and dependable fuel.

Our fuel components include:

  • Biomass
  • Tire-derived fuel
  • Plastics
  • Fluff
  • Other industrial residuals

SGS Recovery and its sister company, Buffalo Fuel Corp., have numerous sources to provided alternative raw materials such as shingles, ash, silica fuses, coal and more to help reduce raw material costs.