SGS Recovery

Engineered Fuels

Fuel you can feel better about.

SGS Recovery recovers waste streams through a series of shredders and metal recovery systems to ensure proper sizing and cleaning. Our fuels are cleaned of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to being customized to our customers’ needs. With over 20 years experience and well over 500,000 tons of custom fuels generated for our customers, including power plants, paper mills and cement kilns, our fuel production experience is unmatched.

Today SGS Recovery provides engineered fuels consisting of:

Low Chlorine Plastics Flake

Tire and Rubber Waste



The tireless energy of SGS.

Fuel we can feel better about and fuel that’s better for the environment. The tire-derived fuel SGS Recovery produces is triple magnetized through a thumper magnet, a stationary magnet and a heavy pulley magnet. This fuel is processed through a 1″ screen, making it 99% metal-free. SGS produces over 30,000 tons of tire-fuel each year. What would normally take up space in a landfill gets put to great reuse through the proprietary tire-derived fuel of SGS Recovery.

Fuels engineered to your needs.

Regardless of your business needs, SGS Recovery can engineer fuels that burn hotter, cleaner and more efficiently. For example, if your business heavily relies on the use of cement kilns, SGS can provide a cost-effective ½” chip to ensure the proper combustion. Our equipment and heavy machinery allows SGS to produce a variety of homogenous mixes to spec.

Don’t waste another moment.

SGS Recovery has the industry knowledge, experience, machinery, manpower and transportation network to relieve your stress of responsible waste removal. Trust SGS as your total waste management solution.