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Rest Assured with Mattress Recycling

Sleep soundly knowing you have a zero-waste, beneficial reuse partner to manage your worn mattresses. As a Responsible Care Partner on the cutting edge of clean, green technology, SGS Recovery recycles over 80,000 tons of waste annually.

Go Guaranteed Green

As an SGS Recovery Partner, waste streams are beneficially reused for other materials, products, and our revolutionary alternative fuel. Mattresses consume up to 30 cubic feet of space and can take centuries to degrade in landfills. Make sure your worn box springs and mattresses are handled responsibly and beneficially through the proprietary Guaranteed Green solution at SGS Recovery.

Why Manage Mattresses with SGS?

Your business can sleep easier knowing that your used bed mattresses are put to better use. SGS Recovery transforms your waste into vital resources that help to reduce pollution, extend the life of existing landfills, and much more.

Chemicals from mattresses can leach into the groundwater and soil.

Together, we reduce the number of illegally dumped mattresses, reducing your liability, ensuring compliance, and saving you money.

Divert your waste streams from landfills and incinerators toward cleaner-burning fuel that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Your Mattresses Serve a Greater Repurpose

More than 75% of a mattress can be recycled instead of taking up precious landfill space. Here’s how:

Fabric and fibers are shredded and used primarily as alternative fuel sources.

Foam padding is also separated and shredded primarily for reuse as alternative fuel and sometimes absorbent materials.

Steel springs are recycled as scrap and used to make new materials.

Wooden frames of box springs are shredded and burned as a cleaner, alternative fuel source as well as a variety of other product applications.

From Your Facility to New Fuel

SGS Recovery beneficially reuses worn, spent, or damaged mattresses—turning them into new products and alternative fuel sources—from a variety of facilities, business, residences, and more. Our Responsible Recovery + Removal teams are able to travel to your facilities, remove large quantities of mattresses, and recycle them so they don’t end up in a landfill.

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hotels & Resorts 
  • Military Bases 
  • Retailers 
  • Correctional Facilities 

Full-Service Waste Stream Solutions

As a full-service waste stream management company, SGS Recovery comes to you, hauls away your old mattresses and carries them safely to our processing facilities where they are deconstructed for a variety of beneficial reuse purposes. Our transportation network travels all across the Eastern and Midwest United States and Southern Ontario to responsibly remove, transport, and beneficially destroy a variety of waste streams from mattresses and product recalls to industrial wastes and tires. This decreases the amount of your waste that ends up in a landfill, assures regulatory compliance and saves you time and money.

Contact SGS Recovery for a free, no-hassle, and customized quote for all of your waste stream management needs.