SGS Recovery

Responsiblity Programs

The Responsible Removal & Recycle Programs

SGS Recovery transforms your waste streams into sustainable, proprietary engineered fuel. As a complete zero-landfill waste stream solution, the SGS Responsible Removal & Recycle Program puts your mind at ease by responsibly removing and recycling over 80,000 tons of waste per year. Whether you need used tire pickups on a regular basis or require the destruction and recycling of thousands of off-spec product recalls, SGS Recovery has the insurances, manpower, machinery and transportation to handle waste responsibly and sustainably.

It pays to be responsible.

Certify your business as zero-landfill.

Minimize risk of litigation.

Guarantee your customers are buying ‘green.’

Put your used tires to reuse.

If you have used tires, you need to get rid of them responsibly. Rest easy knowing your waste tires are collected and disposed of properly and sustainably. Become an SGS Recovery Trusted Tread partner.

Put your waste to work.

If your products are recalled, your waste streams need to be optimized or you require a sudden on-site destruction and removal project, convert to SGS Recovery. Become an SGS Recovery Converted Commodity partner.

Don’t waste another moment.

SGS Recovery has the industry knowledge, experience, machinery, manpower and transportation network to relieve your stress of responsible waste removal. Trust SGS as your total waste management solution.