SGS Recovery

Convert your commodities into savings.

Become a Converted Commodity partner through the SGS Recovery Responsible Removal and Recycle program. SGS Recovery can responsibly remove and reuse your waste residuals, off-spec products, out-of-date commodities and more. Prove to your customers you care as much about the environment as they do by recycling your waste streams through SGS Recovery.

Partner with a responsibly equipped provider.

SGS Recovery is an industry leader with regard to environmentally safety, permits, insurance, equipment and manpower. Choose the Converted Commodity program at SGS Recovery for your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, residual and off-spec removal needs, and you’ll have access to:

  • Over 60 tractors
  • Over 100 trailers
  • Over 500,000 tons of custom fuels generated
  • Two NYSDEC permitted facilities
  • Two mobile shredders
  • Proprietary fuel that outperforms competition 4:1

We store waste so you don’t have to.

SGS Recovery maintains a 20-acre, CSX-served and fully-permitted NYSDEC recycling site to manage bulk inventory and provide recycling services. Some of the commodities handled include metals, OCC cardboard, fibers, scrap tires, biomass and more. SGS provides tailored solutions for our customers to manage their inventory and provide door-to-door or just-in-time commodity services.

Learn more.

SGS Recovery is always ready to meet your waste management needs. Whether you need used tires collected on a regular basis or you’re a manufacturer that requires off-spec product destruction, you can trust that SGS Recovery has the permits, insurances and capabilities to handle it all. Contact SGS Recovery with your questions, concerns or needs and someone will respond to you shortly.

Don’t waste another moment.

SGS Recovery has the industry knowledge, experience, machinery, manpower and transportation network to relieve your stress of responsible waste removal. Trust SGS as your total waste management solution.