scrap metal and tire recycling/collection

responsible scrap metal and tire recycling/collection

SGS and its affiliated and fully permitted waste carrier will ensure reliable scrap tire and metal recycling. With two NYSDEC permitted facilities and numerous outlets for end-of-life processed scrap tires, we can ensure proper a cost effective and reliable scrap tire service. Some of our end of life uses for tires include:

  • Tire-derived fuel
  • Leachate for liner
  • Crumb rubber feedstock
  • Engineered fuel component


SGS and its sister company, Buffalo Fuel Corp. (BFC)-a fully permitted waste transporter in 48 states plus Canada – operates 50+ tractors and 100+ trailers to ensure safe and reliable scrap management services. We have the ability to provide you with a custom solution for your scrap needs including:

  • 48/53 ft. van trailer
  • 28’ pup trailer
  • 20ft sealand container
  • roll-off container/dumpster
  • custom storage solutions

BFC handles numerous types materials from radioactive to general freight. As a member of Responsible Care for the American Chemistry Council, BFC has a responsibility to ensure safe and efficient service to our stakeholders. In addition, with Responsible Care, you can be assured that any service we provide will be at the highest level of responsibility.