secure destruction

Many large-scale companies such as labelers, packaging companies and manufacturers accumulate off spec., returned or out of date products that require secure destruction. Our group offers a total destruction option and a Secure Destruction Certificate. In addition, if needed by the customer, SGS can offer a sustainable green solution or a zero-landfill option for most waste streams.

SGS will also offer transportation, processing, and an energy recovery solution for your residual waste streams. BFC, our affiliated and permitted waste transportation company operating over 50 power units, can ensure multiple and reliable options for destruction services including sealed trailers, walking floors, roll-offs, storage trailers and more. Because we own all our own assets we are able to ensure you a cost-effective option in addition to tailored solutions.

SGS offers the service allowing a member of your company to witness the destruction process. Our company has the ability to reduce your product down to ¾” through ambient shredding process where the product, in most cases, can then be sent for energy recovery and fossil fuel displacement.