SGS Recovery


Let SGS minimize your waste risks.

SGS Recovery provides waste minimization programs in addition to landfill-free solutions. What makes SGS different from other waste-to-energy facilities is that we are committed to sustainable removal and recycling processes. SGS provides a safe engineered fuel that is regulated by the EPA, NYSDEC and MOE to ensure a clean fuel product as well as continued fossil fuel displacement.

Responsible recycling permits.

SGS Recovery operates a full line of shredding and cleaning equipment including non-ferrous and ferrous removal systems. As such, SGS provides a full-service solution for all your waste needs. In addition to providing streams to waste and energy facilities, SGS engineers fuel from waste streams providing low-carbon fuels for cement kilns and other utilities. And you can trust that SGS responsibly disposes of your waste as a NYSDEC-certified, zero-landfill partner.


Recycling Facility Permit Info: NYSDEC Part 360 Permit#9-2911-004004

Certified Destruction/Recycling Services/Zero Landfill Solutions

Don’t waste another moment.

SGS Recovery has the industry knowledge, experience, machinery, manpower and transportation network to relieve your stress of responsible waste removal. Trust SGS as your total waste management solution.