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Trust Your Used Tread to SGS

Rest assured that the tires that leave your property are put to good reuse.

Where Do Your Tires Go?

You’re responsible for every tire that leaves your business. Each tire is individually tracked and, if not disposed of properly, can end up costing your business money down the road. Don’t trust just anyone to remove your used tires. Trust an experienced, insured and permitted team of professionals that has the equipment, manpower and transportation to see to it that your tires are removed and reused responsibly. The less your current tire remover is insured and regulated, the more risk your business assumes.

Did you know…

  • Almost 300 million tires are disposed of in the US each year.
  • 80% Of these tires are recycled or reused.
  • The other 20% either end up in landfills, creeks to serve as breeding grounds for West Nile Virus, underground in vacant lots and even abandoned homes.
  • If any of these tires are traced back to your business, you’re faced with severe penalties and fines that could prove extremely costly to your livelihood.

Why Choose SGS Recovery?

More people trust SGS Recovery to responsibly remove and recycle their used tires because of our dedication to your business’s success and the safety of our environment. We add value through every step of the end-of-life cycle in addition to:

Professional Customer Service

65,000 Tons of Tires Shredded & Reused Annually

100% Zero-landfill

Increased Carbon Credits, Jobs, & Green Energy

Handling of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Materials

Roll Responsibly

Get with the responsible program. The SGS Recovery Trusted Tread program has a number of on-site storage and regular removal options to fit your business requirements.

Hand Stops

Store your tires wherever you do so currently. SGS Recovery hauls away your tires in a tractor trailer.

Roll-off Trailers

For businesses that require safer storage for tires, fill up a roll-off trailer and have it hauled away and recycled.

PUP Trailers

To save you more money, we place a trailer on your property to store all your used tires and pick the trailer up every month.

Tirelessly Responsible Partners

The Trusted Tread Removal and Recycle Program is fueled by partners Dunn Tire and SGS Recovery to ensure that each and every tire you go through is carefully removed, accounted for, transported, and reused or sustainably recycled into cleaner engineered fuel.

Greenhouse Gas Savings from Tire Wire

Through our innovative shredding and segregation process, we not only extract metal from tires but we clean the material as well, which allows for a direct replacement for new steel manufacturing.


Tons Recovered


CO2e Emissions Saved Per Ton


Example Contribution (Tons)

Contact SGS Recovery for a free, no-hassle, and customized quote for all of your waste stream management needs.