SGS Recovery

Verivend Partnership

A new way of doing business.

SGS Recovery has partnered with Verivend to improve how we receive and make payments. Verivend is a marketplace where customers and vendors connect to make safer and more transparent payments. Verivend will allow you to see how well SGS Recovery is paying its customers, so that our vendors get a better understanding of our ability to make payments. Verivend’s reputational system provides greater clarity and trust than the old-fashioned credit check or relying on D&B. SGS is advancing our company from the old days of paper invoices and checks, into today’s world of digital payments. We are doing this to protect and better serve ourselves and our customers.

What this means for you.

Using Verivend will allow our vendors to track their payments, get paid faster and invoice us easier. Verivend will give you transparency in your money, confidence in our payments, and mitigate miscommunication or missed invoices. Discussions can be tracked, and approvals will be streamlined for quicker and more efficient payments.

SGS Recovery has experienced recent fraudulent activity and we no longer prefer to make or accept payments by check. Over time we plan to completely eliminate paper checks from our business. Moving forward, our bank account numbers and yours will no longer be out in the open and will now be secured through Verivend’s double encryption platform hosted by Amazon Web Services. 

Verivend provides our customers the ability to get their billing and paperwork faster and also helps reduce our administration, allowing us to keep our pricing competitive. In addition, our customers’ sensitive banking information will no longer be publicized via physical checks. Verivend also helps to make sure the proper paperwork and compliance documentation is easily provided when necessary to reduce friction and increase speed of payments. 

Please help us in upgrading the way we transact by using If you would like to know more about Verivend, visit their website or email

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