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Waste-to-Energy Innovation

SGS Recovery formulates blends, ensuring the material is safe to burn in order to generate green energy.

Non-Hazardous Materials Excellent for Waste-to-Energy Use

Unfortunately, not all waste streams qualify for Buffalo Fuel. In these situations, other alternatives are needed for customers requiring an incineration option for their materials. Waste-to-Energy is a process in which waste materials are combusted and/or incinerated to create steam for electricity generation. SGS works with a network of Waste-to-Energy companies to take our customers’ waste in, place it into our standard QA/QC process, destroy the material, and then blend it to the incinerator’s specifications. Loads are then shipped out in bulk trailers for final disposition.

Industrial Waste

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Consumer Products

Waste Waters

How we Combat Climate Change

In addition to possessing two NYSDEC permitted facilities, we ensure fossil fuel displacement is in compliance with EPA, NYSDE, and MOE. In doing so, we’re helping to solve the Pollution Problem. 

The Pollution Problem

The US generates 292.4 million tons of waste, over half of which is disposed of in landfills. When the waste begins to decompose, harmful greenhouse gases are emitted.

The SGS Solution

However, thanks to waste-to-energy facilities, for every one ton of garbage processed and transformed into energy, one ton of emitted carbon dioxide equivalent in the atmosphere is prevented.

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